BLOODFLOWERS: St. Walpurga Academy for Bright Witches {StW}

BLOODFLOWERS: St. Walpurga Academy for Bright Witches {StW}

➳ The school's motto: "Sisterhood. Purity. Magic."

ALONG the salty English coast, Norman ruins rise from the rocky coastline. There stands a proud wizarding institution who's presence has dominated the island for millenniums.

SINCE the Dark Ages, wealthy wizarding families have sent their daughters to the prestigious St. Walpurga Academy for Bright Witches with the expectation of them receiving an excellent education in all areas of magic. Along with magical skills, the daughters of the upper crust also learn deportment and manners to prepare themselves to become the wives of the echelons of the wizarding world and members of refined society.
Collection: [...]

RECENTLY, rumors have been brewing over a secret cult that has reportedly originated among the elegant study body. Stories of dark magic, midnight meetings, and blood sacrifices echo around it's hallowed marble halls. The Knights of Walpurgis, as this groups calls themselves in honor of their beloved school, is compromised of young women with biting ambitions and a thirst for power beyond chatelaine of a country manor home. Add dark magic to the mix, and everyone is poised to discover what the ladies of Saint Wal's are actually capable of.

To audition:
1. Create a fashion set or a doll (no templates, please!) I'd prefer to keep the models as they are, but if you have a problem with the model choice and wish to change it make sure to tell me!
2. Fill out the audition form. Each character has a little blurb, but the biography has to be expanded upon.
3. Answer these questions, which inquire upon your character's life and their thought process:
-- What kind of background do you come from?
-- How has your experience at St. Wal's been so far?
-- What are your life goals you hope to accomplish after graduation?
-- What is your opinion on the rumors that have been spreading?
4. Extra additions (moodboard, wardrobe, playlist, etc.) are not required and will not influence whether or not you get the character, but I love to see them!!
Students: [...]
Example audition (with form): [...]


Based on Harry Potter, specifically Slytherin House and the Death Eaters/Death Eater conspirators, with your stereotypical dark, evil rich girl aesthetics.
(Here's the icon if you want to see it in a larger size: tba)
*I think we all understand the basic rules of hf roleplaying, but if you have any questions about any aspect of the roleplay– please PM me!



ST CECELIA'S ACADEMY, affectionately referred to by alums as St C's, is a proud academy for girls in upstate New York. Boarding from ages 11 through to 18 as well as accepting day students, St Cecelia's is one of the top schools in the country, drawing everyone from future first ladies to the daughters of moguls, with a proud and storied history. Tradition, whether the administration likes it or not, is a massive part of attendance at St Cecelia's. Most cheer the numerous spectacles put on each year. Some enforce them. Some say it all goes to far and a school must always, at the end of the day, be a place for education.
This year, it may very well have gone too far.
Naming themselves on Ivan the Terrible's torture squad, who took out anyone disloyal to their tsar, after a particularly rousing Russian Lit class, no one can say when exactly the society was born. Legends say they've been around in some form or another since St Cecelia's was founded, but their recent history is far more extensive. They've developed elaborate rituals, and are obsessed with preserving St C traditions. To be an Oprichnik is to have sisters for life. Which is why those on the outside usually want in.
St Cecelia's operates on a house system; girls are sorted into their houses before their first year and stay with their houses through to graduation. Each house has a pin and ring with the house symbols for its graduates, bestowed in a traditional pre-graduation ceremony. House rivalries are common and often the girls of one house socialise with the other only when required.
The three traditional houses, though a fourth and fifth were once present, are Joliet, Bellerose, and Vauquelin.
JOLIET: http://www.polyvore.com/bellum_se_ipsum_alet/set?id=182818261
BELLEROSE: http://www.polyvore.com/auribus_teneo_lupum/set?id=182819514
VAUQUELIN: http://www.polyvore.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/set?id=182820570
You can always contact @noceurs and @pommepadour with any concerns or inquiries. Unlike our girls, we are very nice. Really.

There are two, to keep things simple.
1. Respect each other! Most everything typical about a group (save all that not on the runway not in the roleplay madness, you do you) applies but this is rule above all. Have fun. Make friends. Collaborate. That's what we're here for.
2. Write when you can, there are few deadlines for writing and events. We understand offline lives matter. Use who you want in your stories (but please make sure you're writing them correctly, take it up with their mastermind), read everyone's stories, you do you. However, this being said, if you aren't writing for months, don't be surprised if something happens to your character.
All characters are listed under their house.

To audition:
1. Make any sort of set you like but please put the model for your character in it somewhere. You're welcome to change their model, but we spent time creating characters for each girl so we would rather you didn't, Just saying.
2. Copy and paste the given bio, and feel free to expand it, with more bio, likes, dislikes, so on. This group is a little bit of a satire on the elite class of people who can send their teenagers to boarding schools with history, and one on what people seem to think teenage girls are, so feel free to be as ridiculous as you want.
3. Answer the following questions in character, from St Cecelia's entrance interviews:
- What is your top choice university?
- What do your parents do? Where do you come from?
- Who, of St Cecelia's famous Old Girls, is your greatest inspiration? (Your girl can use a fictional person, a real one you want to say attended this fictional school, a relative, or they can say they don't know anyone who attended)
- What is your best subject in school?
And finally, a question for them as a junior or senior at St C's:
- Where do your loyalties lie? Your house? Your friends? Your school? Or nowhere at all, even?
4. That's it. Of course extras like facts, stories, playlists, collections, moodboards, are welcome and much loved and could influence you getting your first choice, but they're not at all mandatory.
Based on this true-life Vanity Fair madness: http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2009/07/miss-porters-school200907
Where on earth do those VF writers find these stories?



"If you want to buy my wares, follow me and climb the stairs..."
- Love For Sale by Cole Porter.
Everything began with Project Onyx.
By the turn of the twentieth century, America had established itself as a world power. Technology, industry, and medicine were advancing by leaps and bounds, and the country's economy was rapidly expanding. A group of thinkers -each the top of their respective fields- had come together to work on a secret mission. The objective: to create new and better humans, with unique genetic and mechanical enhancements. There were thirty subjects all together, created out of people who would easily be forgotten: the children of poor immigrants, orphans, street urchins, runaways, and the terminally ill.
When all was finished, the members of Project Onyx were set to show their work alongside many other great scientific minds at a grand New York City exhibition. However, when the public learned of the project, their outcry was deafening. They saw these enhanced humans as abominations, and refused to be subjected to them. Thus, Project Onyx disbanded, all records of it were completely wiped out, and their creations destroyed... supposedly.
In truth the members refused to let their hard work go to waste, so they sought other uses for their enhanced humans. Eventually they found that certain types of people would pay enormously for the chance to "get to know them", and they therefore decided to build a permanent home for their creations.
In the 1920's, during the height of Prohibition, The Oynx Gates Club was born.
oo1. http://www.polyvore.com/slip_into_diamond_life_tog/set?context_id=201451&context_type=group&id=199254986
oo2. http://www.polyvore.com/never_regret_thy_fall_icarus/set?id=199249004



Tucked away in the grassy knolls of the quiet city of Salem, is a private university by the name of Roanoke College. It is the comfortable home of around 2,060 students, each one unique in their abilities and culture. Yet there is one specific trait a group of unacquainted young women share that holds true to the legend of Salem. Each are unaware of the powerful heritage that courses through their veins until one fateful night their paths cross.
Though with great power comes great responsibility, responsibility to conceal it from the world. Because believe it or not there are still suspicious murderers lurking in the shadows yearning to see a witch burn in front of the public eye much like their ancestors. The girls create a pact to protect one another at all costs, to protect their shared secret.
But not all magic is to help others. There is a dark side, a side that a few of them may find difficult to resist.

1. This is a HF roleplay, as well as a story related roleplay. Therefore if neither one of those apply to you, then it is highly likely that this group is not in your preference.
2. There will be monthly events considering each person's busy schedule, much like my own. But activeness is the key to keeping a group alive so there will be mandatory events.
3. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission, also tag everyone in each set you make for the group!
4. With that being said, it would be recommended to leave a comment. People work very hard on their stories and it kind of sucks to have no recognition. As for drama, keep it within the stories themselves.
5. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask me at any time because I will most likely have the answer!


coming soon....

☾ FULL NAME, AGE [ 18 - 24 ]
YEAR || [ freshman - senior ]
BIO ||
Social Media :
Closet :
Storyboard :
Moodboard :

created by @whiteshvdows on 18|04|17.
Inspired by Practical Magic, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, The Covenant, and Hocus Pocus.

The Golden Lie

The Golden Lie

"You do anything for a dime
Looking for the golden lie"
— Marina & the Diamonds, Hollywood
On March 28th 2017, seven actresses find themselves sitting in a tiny corridor – white papers gripped behind their small, recently manicured fingers. The corridor is completely quiet, other than the occasional mumbling that some would easily define as a one actress’ attempt in rehearsing her lines.
The girls throw glances at one another from time to time. Glances that are so small and yet hugely observant. They eye one other from head to toe -- from the expensive shoes of the wealthy girl in the back to the frumpy waitress uniform of the girl in the front.
They have all received the call back. A gesture so small and insignificant to an A-Lister and yet so important and full of hopes for someone of their caliber. No, they are not struggling actors. At least not all of them, but they have managed to gain a somewhat of a reputation in Hollywood and this part is just the thing that will help them branch out. Or at least help them start their dream career.
A Darren Aronofsky film starring an underrated actress from their batch? Phenomenal. An actress playing a complicated character like Evelyn Specter? Groundbreaking. Having the same film and performance being nominated for a prestigious award? A dream they all wish it would come true.
But then something devastating happens. After hours upon hours of staying in that corridor, waiting for their turn, these actresses befriend one another and eventually go inside that room and audition for a role they will one day call their ‘favorite one so far’. Only to receive that dreaded message a few hours later, “Jennifer Lawrence got the roll in the new Darren Aronofsky film”.
“Well of course she did. She is sleeping with him, isn’t she?” A lot of the young women think.
But their journey doesn’t stop here, as they come to terms of their current so called situation and decide to finally change several things. Whether that is their lifestyle or wardrobe, they are going to spice things up and sign a couple of PR contracts in order to have the rumor mill talk about them once and for all.
. . .
Evelyn Specter; The main character in Darren Aronofsky’s new film Orphan. The movie is as dark and gritty as a Aronofsky film can get and the role isn’t so far from it. Abandoned by her parents at the tender age of five, Evelyn has only had herself. After a carefree night out during her teen years, she is r.aped by a group of rich young men who her new equally rich friends have introduced her to prior the events. Seven years later, Evelyn is now in her twenties, and she vows revenge upon those who have hurt her both mentally and physically. I.e. she is going to kill them all.
In an interview, Aronofsky calls the film a mix of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ and ‘La Femme Nikita’. The character on other hand is a complex young woman, whose personality shifted as her situation in life changed. She’s manipulative and charming -- owns traits that will most likely belong to a sociopath and likes to be in control of any situation that she is in. Evelyn is no light character, she is a force to be reckoned and there is certainly no happy ending her for, even after she finally gets what she always wanted: revenge.
. . .
1. This is a High Fashion Role Play, so the usual HF rules apply.
2.This is a story related roleplay. So if you prefer comment roleplays, this group might not be the one for you.
3. There will be monthly events. We are aware that people are fairly busy with school, university, real life stuff and work, so I am not going to push it. But, it will be nice if people are active and eventually catch up with events and etc.
4. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission.
5. Tag everyone in your sets.
6. Drama always plays an important role. Just make sure that it stays in the roleplay.
7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the mod.
8. And most importantly have fun!
. . .
. . .
Name, age
(birthday | zodiac sign)
Career so far:
What she is willing to do for her career:
What she wants from her career:
Relationship status:
Important people:
(explain how your character felt during the day of the audition, what she thought about the other actresses, about the character she was auditioning for and her career so far in general.)
Top Three:
Social Media:

. . .
created by Maria (@spacelava) on 10.04.2017

Glaive, Devour. {gd}

Glaive, Devour. {gd}

Created 9/1/17.
+ This group is SAO-inspired. +

Eight months ago, life was a bit more ordinary. Dragons certainly had nothing to do with your daily routine, and you definitely never imagined that soon your everyday reality would entail life and death situations set against a virtual dreamscape—
Thanks to a twisted scientist named Andrew Widlore, the innovator behind NerveGear, your mind and the minds of thousands of other gamers are trapped inside of a fantasy MMORPG called Guild of Glaives.
Widlore {rather the apparition of Widlore that appeared in level one's sky eight months ago} explained that, in order to exit, all one hundred levels of the game must be beaten, but only one Guild {either Seelie or Unseelie} can escape. The losing Guild will be trapped forever- or at least, until their physical bodies give out.
To complicate matters further, Widlore confirmed that in-game death results in real-life death. And, in the beginning, many likely disappeared from your side because their loved-ones on the Outside didn't know that forcibly removing the NerveGear also meant death.
Widlore, now in hiding, suspects that both sides, fear and panic growing day by day, will eventually devour each other and no one will be left to clear, much less leave, the game.
You plan to prove him wrong.


✥ Quick description ✥
[Eight months ago, over 10,000 players logged into the Guild of Glaives {GOG} mainframe, via VR NerveGear, for the first time only to discover that they could not log out.]
- People get trapped in a full-submersion online fantasy game called "Guild of Glaives".
- Dying in the game results in dying in the real world.
- Objective: Survive and beat the game's highest level to free everyone in your Guild {Seelie/Unseelie}. Losing Guild is trapped forever.

✥ Glossary ✥
-Beta testers-Players who were given the opportunity to view/play GOG in its closed beta. They are often accused of having an unfair advantage or of cheating.
-Caim-Home/safe territory. Ex. The Descend is Unseelie dominated, therefore, it is largely Unseelie caim.
-MMORPG-Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
-NerveGear-A helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain so that players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.
-XP-experience points. Earned by completing levels, tasks, and side quests as well as discovering/collecting objects. The types of XP a player earns dictates their class while their XP in total is their overall score.
-VR-Virtual Reality

✥ Class Information ✥
King/Queen - Highest Scorers
There are only two players- each Seelie and Unseelie- who are given the title of King/Queen. These two are easily identifiable by the crown floating just above their heads {white for Seelie, black for Unseelie}. **Highest scorers tend to fluctuate, but for the past three months, they haven't budged. Spindle sees that her "seat" is well protected through force, while Throne, who is splendidly brilliant, cannot be easily surpassed by anyone in her Guild. That said, Inferna is close to closing the gap in their xp. Soon enough, there could be a new Flowering Queen.
Mages - High Magic XP and full mastery of a "religion"
This class is trained through one of the three academies on level 1, and through them, they specialise in a specific type of magic {or "religion"} - black {Unseelie}, white {Seelie}, or grey {either} - each with its own book of spells. Their Health depletes with the use of magic for combat, and therefore mages need lots of rest. It's not uncommon for them to pass out during skirmishes. Generally, mages are not effective at melee.
Knights - High Combat XP and semi- to full mastery of one of more weapons
The Knight class is the second largest class behind the Gardeners. Depending upon a Knight's Guild, they have a set of rules that they have pledged to uphold. The first, in both Guilds, is to support the King or Queen {which, they say, is a necessary rule in order to keep the Guild from descending into chaos}. Seelie Knights pledge to protect one another and others, especially Gardeners, as well as Seelie Caim, from, not just game enemies, but also Unseelie interlopers. Most Seelie Knights see themselves as something akin to a police force maintaining civility and order. On the other hand, Unseelie Knights pledge to protect each other and Caim, but they're very concerned with preserving their numbers for level 100 and would much rather you didn't drag them into anything needless. This cautiousness is the reason Unseelie {Withering} Knights outnumber Seelie {Flowering} Knights.
Rangers - High "Ghost" {Stealth} and Dexterity XP
This class prefers ranged weapons to melee combat and is mostly made up of quick-moving archers. They can also tame and/or train beasts.
Mage-Knights or "Witch-Knights" - High Magic XP and "religion" mastery + High Combat XP and full weapon mastery
The rarest and most difficult class to attain after King/Queen. Being skilled in spellwork as well as in combat and melee weaponry, Mage-Knights are an incomparable force in battle. Mage-Knights make up a small percentage of players in each of the two Guilds, and since they are elite among the other classes {something they're well aware of} and most have a fair amount of coin-wealth, they tend to keep to their own kind and pretend at nobility. Other weaker classes are, of course, looked down upon.
Healers - High Wisdom, Survival, and "Divinity" XP
Special Ability: The health levels of anyone standing near a Healer automatically regenerate. Healers are highly sought after by parties traveling up levels due to this special ability that can save lives in a dire situation. The trade-off is that Healers are extremely weak players and are easy to kill. Therefore, parties with Healers in them make sure to keep them protected in combat situations. Some Healers collect a commission for pledging to accompany a party up levels. **Seelie-heavy class
Rogues - Usually High to Middling Deception, "Collecting" {Thieving}, or Persuasion XP Combined w/ High "Ghost" XP
The rambunctious Rogue class is generally made up of unruly players who are largely uninterested in the bigger picture {i.e. working to escape GOG} and expend much of their focus on gaining coin {usually in a criminal capacity} and just having fun. Also known as the "Thief Class", the Rogue types like to group together in gangs and target the more insufferable, coin-rich Mage-Knights. **Unseelie-heavy class.
"Gardeners" - Low All-Around XP
Unlike every other class, Gardeners, who do not engage {i.e. earn xp} in the game, are unmarked. They tend to be really young children, pacifists, and/or those who feel incapable of handling a possibly lethal jaunt across fairy land. Gardeners are highly concentrated on the lower and safer levels.

✥ Important NPC {non-playables} ✥
[ L O A D I N G... ]
✥ Map {levels and locations} ✥
Seelie - http://www.polyvore.com/shining_throne_gd/set?id=216071149
Unseelie - http://www.polyvore.com/withering_host_gd/set?id=216071240
Choose one of the mini bios and create an audition set including a story.
Bio Form:
GUILD: {seelie or unseelie}
CLASS: {king/queen, knight, healer, etc.}
ABOUT: {expand given info to create bio}
Optional: INVENTORY COLLECTION {weapons, equipment, treasure, armour/clothing, potions, etc.}, PLAYLIST, FACTS, and/or MOODBOARD
** Stat Card Template: http://www.polyvore.com/player_stat_card_gd/template?id=1197650 **
PSYCHE: 1-10
LUCK: 1-10
{**Obviously, don't go through and give your character straight 10's.}

Assuming we have enough members to do so, once the audition contest is up, please be sure to submit your audition set to the contest!

**Any questions, please contact @fleetingfanfan.**

May 2017 events:
**EX. EVENT just so you can see how the stat card is useful. ^^
To impede Seelie progress through the levels, Spindle has placed a blockade of Withering Knights outside the entrance of level 39 indefinitely. Meanwhile, she and her own entourage are figuring their way around the 40th level's boss--a massive three headed dragon that's proving indestructible. For now, 40 is a veritable war zone. Her blockade has been cutting down any Seelie to approach the entrance for almost a full week, prompting a lethal offensive by Seelie leaders and small, powerful bands of Flowering Knights. The battle is ongoing. Elsewhere, in the more densely populated levels, news of the level 39 clashes have set off numerous Seelie-Unseelie skirmishes. Whether you're in the thick of it in the upper levels or holding down the lower level caims, don't you have at least one bone to pick? One pretty face to ruin?
⋆STRENGTH 6 and over: You win your fight.
⋆STRENGTH 5 and under: You lose your fight. {Note: If your LUCK is 7+ you can still win.}
Unseelie- @fleetingfanfan

Camp Circe. {cc}

Camp Circe. {cc}

Created in 2013 by fleetingfanfan.

"The sea has seen you safely to my arms. Rest here. Fear not. You are home." - Circe
Between sea and horizon,
There exists an island,
Home to a Witch Goddess,
And to many more Demi-Goddesses.
Aeaea, it's called,
A training ground- much more, a Haven for countless Daughters of the gods over centuries of mortal time.
Other such "Havens,"
Sullied by the sons of the gods,
Have seen ruin and end,
Have fallen once for every Daughter that has called Aeaea her home.
But Aeaea,
Eternal Aeaea,

+ This group is based upon Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books. +

Her Incomparable Highness Circe wishes to welcome each and every one of her demi-goddesses back to camp! She hopes that our island's shores find you well {and with all of your limbs}.
Take a guided tour with our Activities Director: http://www.polyvore.com/totally_rad_guide_to_circes/collection?id=2483211
CAMP SIGN-UP {audition information}:
As an original member, you DO NOT have to audition. You're welcome back as soon as you put a set complete with your camper's UPDATED bio into the group {camper should age by one year}.
**Note: If your camper is now over 18, that's completely fine.
This year, we have pre-made bios found here: http://www.polyvore.com/cuz_know_place_where_sun/set?id=196214177
Choose one of the bios and create an audition set including a story!
Optional: playlist, wardrobe collection, facts, and/or moodboard
Assuming we have enough members to do so, once the audition contest is up, please be sure to submit your audition set to the contest!
**Any questions, please contact a mod.**
May 2015 events: http://www.polyvore.com/cc_2015_events_cc/set?id=157215891
May 2016 events: http://www.polyvore.com/camp_circe_2016_events_cc/set?id=197384290
General Cabin Information: http://www.polyvore.com/cabin_living_other_stuff_to/collection?id=2526463
Cabin 1 - http://www.polyvore.com/out_on_road_today_saw/set?id=153591425
Cabin 2 - http://www.polyvore.com/you_may_find_yourself_in/set?id=153712776
Cabin 3 - http://www.polyvore.com/youre_bed_sheets_covered_with/set?id=153464254
Cabin 4 - http://www.polyvore.com/well_never_feel_bad_anymore/set?id=153614889
Cabin 5 - http://www.polyvore.com/some_people_say_that_theres/set?id=153694913
Cabin 1 @vampirkaninchen
Cabin 2 @semper-eadem @e-ureka @thesophiespectrum @pommepadour
Cabin 3 @ducktape
Cabin 4 @fleetingfanfan @elissawhostood
Cabin 5 @noceurs
Circe's PA @lilyracheled

Polyvore POC

Polyvore POC

#polyvorepoc #polyvorepoc #polyvorepoc
Our goal is to diversify Poly, one set at a time.
Sets must contain photo(s) of poc.
No cultural appropriation!!!
No stereotypes!!!
No Disney!!!
Bonus points for using the #polyvorepoc.